Evening Sun

I think there’s something very bittersweet about May.

On the one hand, it’s when summer really comes into its own, we say goodbye to the relative uncertainty of April and see the temperature climb as we nudge towards the height of the summer season.

The reason I find it a little bittersweet though is owing to the fact that the longest day feels as though it’s just around the corner. This is the last full month we have of days getting longer before we pass the peak, then, somehow it feels as though we’re on a downward journey before the summer months have really got started! Is that nonsense? Probably. Is it Seasonal Affective Disorder? Probably.

But, evenings in May, particularly when out with the dog, walking through the fields and farmland, that low, warm sun is incomparable. And you know that smell that accompanies it, when the sun starts to set, there’s a slightly dewey smell as the residual heat from the earth begins to fade away, that is the stuff of dreams.

Whilst so many of us are stuck in our homes for so much of the day, I’ve made it a priority to spend time out with the dog in the evenings, and whereas I’d normally listen to a podcast or a soundtrack or something on a usual dog walk, I’ve taken to walking without headphones, just to enjoy the peace and the birdsong.

Late spring / early summer is by far my favourite time of year. And whilst we’re still a month away from the longest day and the nights drawing in(!), I fully intend to make the most of those sunny, warm, summer evenings.

— Thomas

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