‘Fortunately’ with Fi & Jane

Despite writing in my previous TIGF post about how I’ve taken to walking the dog without headphones, when I do wear headphones on a dog walk (perhaps on a quicker walk or greyer day), I’ve recently taken to listening to the BBC podcast ‘Fortunately‘, presented by Fi Glover & Jane Garvey.

I used to listen to it in the early days, but for some reason or another, sort of fell off my radar, and I confess, I ended up about 100 episodes behind. The last I think I listened to was a particularly challenging episode featuring an interview with Will Self. But having recently (finally) finished ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno‘, I knew it was time for a new podcast with an extensive back catalogue I could work my way through.

Enter: ‘Fortunately’.

I’m a big Radio 4 listener anyway, so am used to the background chatter of broadcasters as I get on with the day, but I find there’s something utterly captivating about Fi & Jane. They’re such a witty, charismatic pair, who, even in turbulent times, manage to gently steer the conversation while amusingly jibing at one another, and you can tell that there is a deep and profound friendship at the heart of the show.

It’s perfect for times where you’re looking for a little escapism but don’t necessarily want to turn to music – a gentle, witty conversation that you somehow feel part of, and with a new guest each episode, I’m finding the wide and charming array of conversation topics to be a real help.

Especially as both presenters acknowledge the difficult times we’re all in at the moment, without dwelling on it. It’s one of the best ‘you’re not in this alone’ messages I’ve encountered, primarily, because it’s not at all patronising. It’s the ‘things are pretty shit right now, but we’re making do, and it’s okay not to be okay’ approach.

So, if you’re looking for something like that, I’d definitely recommend it. Pick it up wherever, it’s so easy to get into!

For now, work continues to be busy, another thing I am of course grateful for, and I even got to spend the evening with Jack yesterday, before an awful migraine took hold. Alas.

— Thomas

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