The inevitable follow-up post.

I confess, when I published my last post (here) at 3am a few days ago, I certainly wasn’t expecting the reaction I got.

Over the past few days, I’ve received so many lovely comments, advice, messages, phone calls, even letters(!). It’s all been a little overwhelming. So, let me start here: thank you.

And I have to say this, too: it has helped.

I’ve felt so spurred on and motivated by everyone’s messages, it really has lightened the load.

I took a wonderful socially distanced walk with Sophie and Peggy earlier today, and we talked a lot.

It got me thinking a little about what it is I’m trying to achieve, especially once the wedding date has come and gone.

Whilst those weight targets are really important to me, I think what I’m learning, even over the past few days, is that whilst it’s important for me to lose weight, I have to do it in such a way that is sustainable. A new, healthier lifestyle has to become my new normal, not just a temporary blip to get me over the line.

And I’m in no doubt that I’ll need to confront some demons along the way, certainly.

But I think that by recognising that it’s not just weight loss that I’m trying to achieve, but developing a new, healthier relationship with food – that’s what real success is going to look like.

And as I say, with the support and love that everybody has shown me after I published my last post, I feel really motivated and determined.

This has felt like a bit of a watershed moment in my life, really.

And so far? That’s such an exciting thing.

For those of you who’d like to track my progress, I’ve set up a separate page here which has some key figures including weight lost so far / how much I’d still like to go / a countdown to the wedding, just to help quantify those targets and keep me accountable.

But it’s going well! I’ve found myself wanting to eat healthier food, and while the cravings for snacks have still crept in a little here and there, I’m not feeling the compulstion to act on them.

And I think, also, it’s made me appreciate mealtimes that bit more. Where I think lockdown has had me flailing around without much routine, having three meals a day is a nice structure. I know for me most people that’s not the most mind-blowing piece of advice or realisation, but for an habitual night owl who used to consume most of his calories at 2am, it’s made a big difference.

I shall leave it there for now, dear reader.

Thank you, once again, for going on this journey with me.

— Thomas

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