Resolutions? No. Targets.

The last day of the year, huh.

I’ve decided against New Years’ resolutions. The only two I’ve ever really been successful with is to spend some time every day learning French (just approaching my 700 day Duolingo streak) and to go vegetarian at some point in the year, and that was back in 2016 (I’m still vegetarian).

I think the reason I’ve failed with all my other resolutions, whether New Years, or otherwise, is my tendency to hyperfixate, concentrate solely on one thing, and if I diverge from that in any way, consider it a failure, and use it as an excuse to move on to the next thing that’s piqued my interest.

So this year, my resolution is no resolutions. Instead, I’m setting a couple of targets and trends I’d like to achieve / work on through 2021.

  • Be better at replying to messages. Either I blanket don’t reply to people, or more often than not, will abandon a conversation in mid-flow. Never anything personal, but I have this ever-present worry that if I reply to a message where I’m not totally in the right mind-set to have a full blown conversation, then people will be annoyed at me if I come across too bluntly. Sometimes, just a quick drop-in message, or an answer to a question is just fine.
  • Get things done sooner. Procrastination, mostly in my personal, rather than work life, plagues me. Little jobs I know need doing but for some reason just put off and put off until it gets to the stage where, if I were to do the job or answer the email or organise the appointment, it would be too little, too late. Evaluate what I need to get done on a weekly basis, and slot them in when I have the time.
  • Lose some weight. Not the first time I’ve tried this (here’s looking at you Dealing with my biggest problem. post) – but instead of hitting numerical targets, I’ve gone ahead and bought my wedding suit, a few sizes too small. I have until the end of April to get into it. It doesn’t matter how much weight I lose, so long as I find it fits comfortably.

That’s it. An intention to improve on some of my more toxic traits and behaviours for a better physical and mental state of wellbeing in 2021.

Oh, and blog more.

Here’s hoping for a smashing 2021.

— Thomas

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