Lessons learned from a 13 year old Thomas.

Digging through some old stuff, I came across my old hard drive from my early teens. It’s an absolute treasure trove of memories, projects I remember working on, homework, coursework, and even my old music library.

What really stuck out to me though was going through my old vlogs (yes, I used to vlog alongside my old blog!), and little video projects I used to do with little more than an old DV camcorder and the most basic video editing software, and my word, did I have ambition! I was putting out content that I, on reflection, didn’t really care much if people liked or not. Totally fearless, I created a lot of it for my own benefit and then just put it out there.

That’s really brave, especially by my 27-year-old-self standards. These days, everything is highly curated, filtered, managed, I don’t even share most of these blog posts on social media, I feel as though I’m using this as a record of interests as opposed to anything worth sharing.

So, on the first day of the year, I’m going to try taking some lessons from young teenage me. Primarily: do what makes you happy. Got a little side-project you think might be fun? Do it. Worried if your followers will engage with your content? Don’t. Especially with all these personal side-project I still do, and never do anything with!

OK, perhaps I have a little more self-awareness than I used to, but going back through all the old photos I used to take in class on my old LG Renoir, pictures from the playground, and those house parties from the eternal childhood summers we used to have, I felt true, deep nostalgia, not necessarily just for a time passed, but a frame of mind that I don’t have so much these days.

Maybe that’s an additional target for this year. Care less.

As for whether or not any of those little projects will ever see the light of day? Absolutely not. But I did take great pleasure in watching the title sequences I created for my pretend TV station: JTV.

— Thomas

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