Will working out work out?

Not for the first time, I was home alone and had just about enough motivation and energy to say: let’s do a workout. Not entirely sure why the thought crossed my mind, but I’m worried that I’m following the all too familiar path of starting off with the best of motivations and intentions and failing somewhere around week five. We’ll see. I’m trying to fight the underlying dread of falling off the wagon.

I finished Bridgerton today, and, whilst it was a perfectly enjoyable romp (emphasis on romp), I think the whole thing felt so wildly fantastical that it left a gap reserved for… well, human characters. In this light, Downton Abbey still remains a firm, unshakeable favourite, even though I know there are many who think it’s nothing but twee, romanticised melodrama, nostalgia, and nonsense.

The Chopin piece I’m learning that I mentioned a few days ago (Deepfakes, Bridgerton, Chopin) is coming along quite nicely. I find that there in the times we live in, there’s something remarkably soothing about repetition and the slow gentle nudges to perfection that come with learning an intricate piece of music. Also the sense of great satisfaction when, on each run through, you get that bit better, that bit more confident, and a growing sense of achievement. Truly, I can’t think of anything else like it.

As well as practicing Chopin last night, I found myself back watching my favourite ballet company on YouTube — the Igor Moiseyev Ballet company are, I think, like no other. Russian character dancing, all based on the masterful choreography of Igor Moiseyev, their founder, which combines the technical aspects of western ballet with what feel more like gymnastics than dance! Their Naval Suite is a particular favourite, and the music, too? Wonderful.

Until tomorrow dear reader.

Lady Whilstledown Thomas

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