When we were renovating our bathroom, before we put the new tiles on the wall, there was a little hole in the wall where we’d removed a towel rack socket. It was just about big enough to write a small note, fold it up, and seal it up, hopefully to be found by someone far in the future.

I remember what it said, mostly, that Jack and I were living there, these were our dates of birth, and that at the time, Theresa May was PM and Donald Trump was president, and the biggest news story of the day was the Brexit negotiations.

That can only have been, what, two years ago?

How much life has changed since then. COVID, Boris Johnson, Brexit, Biden, our very way of life has changed so much, and I sat here writing this post, watching events unfold at the US Capitol, it’s got me thinking about transitions.

One of the most striking pieces of content from the evening was this Tweet:

I don’t necessarily look back at the past decade as some sort of wonderful Arcadian paradise, but when I think back to 2012, for example, and the unison of the country during the Olympics, it feels as if we’re a very long way, and a very long way backwards, from that place as a society… as a world, even.

But of course, 2012 was in the midst of deep Tory austerity, as well as hikes in student tuition, and I wonder if the Olympics felt so special that year because it surprised everyone just how good it was compared to everyone’s woeful expectations?!

For now, we just have to wait a few more days and Trump will be gone (Boris, I hope, not too far behind) – and a Democratic controlled White House, Senate, and House of Representatives looks like a promising start to what, ironically, might be some progressive social regression.

— Thomas

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